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Curt Bender is Your Candidate for State Representative District 8  best positioned to charge forward our goals to the Republican led Capitol and to bring results home. 


Vocational Training

Improve infrastructure necessary for vocational training.

As a unanimously appointed member of an Educational Facilities Authority, Curt has pinpoint experience assisting institutions for higher education in the construction, financing, and refinancing of projects. Curt intends to leverage that background to help colleges and trade schools build and improve facilities that provide vocational training.

Support Small Businesses

Reduce costly, unnecessary regulations for occupational licensing.

During Curt’s tenure as an Assistant General Counsel at the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, he gained trench-level experience enforcing laws and rules to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the general public; however, many regulations are plain unnecessary,  serve as a trap for the weary, and chill innovation. Curt supports additional “Deregathons” that get residents working sooner and safely.

Housing Affordability

Increase homestead protections.

The issue of affordable housing is a national issue that hurts differently in Florida because of the guaranteed, perpetual influx of new residents. Curt's homestead initiatives aim to alleviate the pains of housing affordability, will immediately benefit current homeowners, and will provide a strong foundation for future homeowners Increasing homestead protections will help ensure that families do not lose their homes because of hard times, and that protection will also be a welcomed peace of mind to those concerned about making the leap to homeownership.

Feeling Safe in Our Communities

Support law enforcement.

As a Leon County Sheriff Citizen Advisory Council member, Curt understands and appreciates that the government’s core function is to keep our residents safe, and empowered. Law enforcement is critical towards that end.

Curt believes in the Rule of Law, supports law enforcement, and will fight to ensure that law enforcement is properly funded to accomplish its goal of keeping the residents of District 8 safe!


Criminal Justice Reform

Provide a staff attorney for each trial judge.

As a former criminal law attorney, Judicial Extern to a Circuit Court Judge in the Criminal Division, an intern for the Public Defender’s Office for the 9th Judicial Circuit (Orange County), and as an intern for the Public Defender’s Office for the 4th Judicial Circuit (Duval County), Curt understands criminal justice and the issues facing “the system.” Curt understands that Criminal justice reform is an initiative that must be tackled top-down and in steps.

First, it is no secret that trial judges are overworked. Currently, trial judges rely on law student interns/externs for assistance with their caseloads. Curt will advocate for each trial judge to have a dedicated staff attorney, just as with the federal system, to assist the trial judges with their case loads.

Second, Curt would advocate for more Public Defenders and at a higher salary, as opposed to the mere “stipend” that the Public Defenders receive for their tireless work.

Third, and on equal footing as the second step, Curt would advocate for more State Attorneys and at a higher salary, as opposed to the mere “stipend” that State Attorneys receive for their tireless work advocating for victims.

With more Public Defenders and State Attorneys, the quality of work put into each case can increase, because it is common for a single Public Defender or State Attorney to have over 30 cases, even on a light season. The attorneys would have the opportunity to invest more time into research and ensure they present the best version of their respective cases to a judge with the resources necessary to evaluate its merits and make more informed decisions. 

Renewable Energy

Provide incentives for renewable energy.  

Florida’s energy laws and framework must come into the 21st century. First, Curt would address laws that hamstring residents of District 8 and Florida at large from taking full advantage of advances in distributed solar generation (rooftop solar panels and such). Then, Curt would advocate for Florida to charge forward to be the number one innovator in energy storage.

Lower Prescription Drug Prices

Open Florida’s supply market for prescription drugs.

Curt, as a former Assistant General Counsel for the Division of Drugs, Devices, and Cosmetics at the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (“DDC”), served on the core three-attorney team at DDC that implemented initiatives to lower the prices of prescription drug in Florida.*

While Florida blazed the path for international importation of prescription drugs, Florida must continue to charge forward in driving down the prices of prescription drugs. Additionally, Florida must continue to prosecute bad actors to the fullest extent of the law, relentlessly, to promote the flourishing of competition in the private sector. This public-private matrimony, of government charging forward to clear the way for innovation, leads to billions of savings to taxpayers.

*The Florida Department of Health, which regulates pharmacies and pharmacists, served an integral role in implementation, too. 

K-12  Education

Incorporate entrepreneurialism into K-12 curriculum.

If a small business is the backbone of our economy, entrepreneurs are the lifeblood. As such, Curt will advocate for the inclusion of entrepreneurial curriculums in K-12. Therefore, whether a student becomes an underwater welder, cosmetologist, or CPA, they will be primed to think like an entrepreneur. 

As a past volunteer for Junior Achievement, Curt taught entrepreneurship principles in two middle school classes, and he is confident that every K-12 curriculum should include entrepreneurialism.  

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